Beanpress Coffee Co.

I believe a roaster is to a coffee farmer, what a publisher is to a writer. We are the last link in the chain of a journey of a coffee's story. The magic of any coffee is written on the farm; a unique tale crafted from variety, geography, history, know-how. As roasters, our jobs are to curate these stories and present them as honestly as possible (and in a nice wrapper), to our audience.

- Ben Roberts, Founder and Director


We started roasting on a small roaster in the back of our neighbourhood coffee shop in 2010, with a few sacks of green beans from speciality importers Mercanta, in London. We learned our stripes through trial and error, a few short courses and at least one chimney fire. Ask any coffee roaster and they'll tell you there is simply no substitute for straightforward experience: roasting, tasting, roasting again.

We still buy all of our coffee through speciality importers in the UK and Europe. The expertise and infrastructure they offer, as well as the relationships that they facilitate between ourselves and producers, are invaluable to us as a small roaster. These days the large majority of our coffees are from coffee farms that we have personally visited, and after some years, producers that we can begin to call friends. 

Our roastery is in a converted stable block on a farm in rural Dorset. We use a cast iron drum roaster that was built for us by Joper in Portugal. The roaster is a tried and tested traditional design, but with some modern additions which allow us to precisely monitor every roast, and develop repeatable roasting profiles according to each coffee's characteristics and desired outcomes.

At the roastery we also have a separate studio equipped with espresso and brewing gear for client training, presentations and discovery days for the general public.